You don't need to know (xxashaleyxx) wrote in hpforlj,
You don't need to know


'Ello everyone, I'm new here, I found the link to this lovely community in the Alohamora community, and decided to join. How fun!! Oooh yay, not many people are in this community! haha, j/k. but yeah. Once i saw the 1st hp movie, i fell in love -haha- and watched it over and over and over again and then started reading the books and once i finished the first 4, i started reading them again, and waiting until the 5th one came out. so now, ive read each of the books atleast 3 times, since the facts are more clear the second time, and its easier to understand, since the facts are just jumbling up on you. and yeah, i think im going to read the 5th one again.. i don't know why i just had this Order of the Pheonix feeling this morning. hah

So yeah, im done with my Rambling, and just wanted to let you know that im in this here community now.
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