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HP for LJ

Livejournal Community for Harry Potter Graphics

Harry Potter for LiveJournal
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Ah, yes - so I suppose you're some Harry Potter fanatic looking for ways to spice up your journal and show you're book reading pride! Unfortunetly, you've come to the wrong place.

Just kidding.

So, what is this community about? Sharing you're graphics, banners, layouts, all sorts of things with other fans or requesting something of your own. But there are rules. (Rules!? If I knew there would be rules I would not have clicked on the damn link in the first place!) Don't worry, they're not too bad....

1. Play nice children. If someone puts up something in an entry that you do not like the look of and you find horribly disgusting and a waste of internet space..... well, just keep your mouth shut. I want this to be a friendly community and for that everyone needs to feel they can post something, at whatever level or skill, and not feel like they'll be bashed.

2. Please no community advertisements without contacting me (venoz) first. I don't want everything littered. But I will let a few up every once in a while.

3. All pairings and characters are allowed. Please tell us in the header if something contains slash but you don't have to put it behind a cut.


- Icons, friends only banners, blinkies, layouts, wallpapers, short movie clips - the like - and request for all of the above. If you use fan drawn images (regular fan art or doujinshi) please credit the artist.

And now - Have Fun!